Chiropractic and the Breastfeeding Baby

July 11, 2019  by Clare McIvor

Young mother holding her newborn child. Mom nursing baby. Woman and new born boy in white bedroom with rocking chair and blue crib. Nursery interior. Mother playing with laughing kid. Family at home… [Read More…]

New Research Reveals the Intelligence of the Spinal Cord

April 30, 2019 by Clare McIvor

Here in the world of chiropractic, the spine and spinal cord have always held our attention. The steady advancement of research shows us that when we adjust the spine, we change the structure and function of the brain. We may see cortical drive to the muscles and reaction times improve. We may also restore joint position sense and increase proprioception. These are documented findings in the world of chiropractic. But where does the spinal cord end, and the brain begin? To many a neurology-buff, they are but one unit… [Read More…]

Chiropractic adjustments help 3-year-old with autism

August 12, 2016 by Vicki Batts

Could visiting a chiropractor really help children with autism? A case study published in the journal Annals of Vertebral Subluxation Research suggests that may just be the case. The study followed an adopted three-year-old little girl diagnosed with autism… [Read More…]