Dr. Jason White

I would like to welcome you to our office, whether you have just started care or you are interested in starting care. I have been practicing in Holly since 2004, and it is nothing short of a blessing to be practicing here. The mission of my office is to detect and correct old and new injuries to your spine. When these injuries heal improperly they will damage the nerve system. Over time this causes your body to become weak causing your body to become sick. We love seeing patients of all ages from their first day of life to their last. The people that come in to our office receive not only the benefit of decreased pain and increase in function, but also an increase in overall health. You see we believe HEALTHIER PEOPLE = HEALTHIER PLANET.

Since you have trusted me with your health, I thought I would share a little bit about myself with you. Again my name is Dr. Jason White, I received my bachelors degree from Michigan State University (GO GREEN!) and my doctorate from Palmer College of Chiropractic. Before heading to MSU I was stationed at Fort Benning, Georgia for Basic Training and Advanced Individual Training for the Army Reserves. While never called to active duty during my time in the Reserves, I am still very proud to have served the country that I love so much.

During my time at MSU I was involved in an internship at the Saginaw Children’s Zoo where I researched and built an exhibit for porcupines! Although that sounds very exciting, the best part of my time there was meeting the woman of my dreams (even better, she was at Michigan State too). Misty and I married in 1999. Bet she never thought we would end up in Iowa! After finishing our bachelor degrees we moved to Iowa where I attended Chiropractic School. During my 3½ years there I served as an Intern in the Academic Radiology Department, and was a member of the Golf Team (still play as much as I can).

One of the most important things in my life is family. I have an older sister and brother and a younger, yet much taller, brother. Now Misty and I are blessed to have our own family, we have 3 boys (Ian, Jackson, and Miles). Oh, and I can’t forget our dogs Macey and Piper.

Thank you for choosing our office for your Health needs, and enjoy your journey to better Health through Chiropractic.

Your Friend in Health, Dr. Jason White

Dr. Jarrod Bailey

Hello and welcome to Advanced Care Chiropractic. My name is Dr. Jarrod Bailey, DC. I have been practicing in the Mid-Michigan area since 2010 and here in Holly at Advanced Care Chiropractic since 2014. My mission has always been to serve God by serving His people and I have had the tremendous honor to serve His people through chiropractic. This mission has brought health and wellness to thousands across Mid-Michigan. I love that I get to continue this mission with all of you.

Now that you know my purpose, there’s more to me than just that. There are two things I love in this world more than chiropractic. And they are God and my family. My wife has been a true blessing in my life and I can sincerely say I don’t know where I would be if it weren’t for her. Her name is Ashley and we’ve been married since 2008. We also have two amazing sons named Gideon and Isaiah. I love them both so much. These little boys brighten up every part of my life. Keep an eye out, he is in the office regularly to get his spine adjusted. I could not have asked for a better fishing buddy then Gideon. And It has been so fun to watch Gideon do everything I do and Isaiah copies gideon not me. We also have two amazing pups who have been with us pretty much through it all. Their names are Rocco Octavius and Miles Davis (true fact). I love spending time with my family. It’s one of my favorite things to do.

I am from the Fenton/Swartz Creek area and graduated from Lake Fenton High School (Go blue devils!). I received my bachelor’s degree in nutrition at Life University and was fortunate enough to be granted valedictorian honors for this degree. I completed my Doctor of Chiropractic Degree at Life University as well. Upon completing this degree, I was awarded the clinic excellence award. The criteria for this award include excellence in the Life University clinics, extraordinary patient care, outstanding communication and relationship skills, integrity and good citizenship, and the willingness to advance chiropractic knowledge and science (Their words, not mine). While at Life, I learned the tools needed to serve people of all ages. I have adjusted patients over 90 years old and my personal record for youngest adjusted is my son. His first adjustment happened seconds after he was born. I’m surprised I was able to adjust through all the joyful tears I was crying from holding him for the first time. Along with adjusting kids I also have a passion for working with pregnant moms. The stress put on the body during the pregnancy can seem relentless and chiropractic can go a long way toward making mom comfortable and baby happy. It is also an honor to see God’s handy work on a daily basis.

The last thing I would like to share with you is that I am in fact a Michigan fan. GO BLUE!!!!! This may come as a shock because Dr. Jason, is a “Go Green” kinda guy. To be honest I have always loved both teams. I started to root more for the Michigan side when I first graduated college. The first chiropractor I worked with told me a story that helped me to see how my philosophy in life matches up with Michigan’s. Here is how the story went: in each team’s locker room, it says on the wall the goal for the season. MSU’s wall reads “BEAT MICHIGAN”. U of M’s wall reads “NATIONAL CHAMPIONS”! It is a difference in philosophy. Do you want to beat your rival or be the best you can be? This really hit home for me because I want to be the best chiropractor I can be for you. God willing, I will do my best to serve this community and better the lives of individuals across the state and eventually the world. Thank you so much for choosing us. I truly look forward to getting you onto the path of health and wellness.

Yours in Health,
Jarrod Bailey, DC

Dr. Maria Lyons

Greetings to all!

My name is Dr. Maria Lyons and I am pleased to call Advanced Care Chiropractic in Holly Michigan, my home away from home. Chiropractic has changed my life in so many wonderful ways as well as providing my family with a whole new perspective on the world and the way we live in it. I am truly excited to share my passion for chiropractic with all of you.

The small town of Ortonville Michigan, was where my childhood days were spent. Growing up in an area where internet coverage was a challenge, forced us to spend our days outside until sundown exploring all nature had to offer. My main passions during high school were the Varsity track team and the culinary arts program where my love for cooking became evident. A few years after graduation, I was married and blessed with two beautiful daughters. Less than a year after having my second child, my life verged down a path that was never expected.

My body started presenting multiple unexplained symptoms from head to toe that no one understood. Widespread pain had become constant and intolerable and there was no foreseeable end in sight. Soon many of my body’s systems were being affected by the mystery of what was happening within me. Referral to 6 different specialists and multiple MRIs left me feeling scared and exhausted. After months of worry and relentless pain, there was still no explanation offered for what was happening to me. At that moment, the only future I could see was blurry through a prescription for narcotic pain medication.

When I thought I had no other options, my mother managed to convince me to try one more thing I had never considered before and knew nothing about…CHIROPRACTIC! The pain decreased dramatically after the first few adjustments and my daily headaches disappeared after the first week. Before long, I was functioning at 100% again and completely pain free. I knew along the process, as I felt the miraculous changes happen within me, that I would spend my life sharing the wonderful benefits and possibilities chiropractic can provide for all of us. I earned my Doctorate from Life University and I am truly excited to share my passion for chiropractic with all of you.

Along my path, I have carried a quote by Mahatma Gandhi that reminds me how impactful this journey has been. “Be the change you wish to see in the world”. A future full of health and wellness is a beautiful thing to look forward to. I look forward to helping you shape your story of how chiropractic changed your life for the better! Let’s be the change together!!

Love and prayers, Dr. Maria Lyons